How Will the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Affect My Power Bill?

COVID-19 effect on electricity bill

The fallout from the coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, has affected every major global industry to some extent. Texans are seeing the ripple effects every day. As the situation evolves, we are trying to keep up with how the conditions are effecting our lives, and our budgets. 

On your latest quest for illusive toilet paper supplies you might have noticed the cost of gas has gone down.  Falling oil prices has created a rare occurrence for Texans—new electricity rate prices seem to be decreasing during spring and summer.  In other words, electricity may be cheaper if you enroll in a new contract in the coming months.

Since much of the workforce is working from home in response to the coronavirus and families are home 24/7, now more than ever it is vital to be on a competitively priced home electricity plan. has a Free analysis tool to help Texas residents estimate your usage and check your current rate against the best available plan for your household.  For those of you concerned about your bills because of recent hardship related to the COVID-19 Outbreak, there is some good news. In a recent article from Dallas Morning News, there is information from most Retail Electric Providers having released statements saying "they'll pause disconnects related to late payments, as well as provide extensions and waive late fees".

Be safe and be strong Texas we are here for you!