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Texas Residential Savings Program

Want to find the lowest-cost Retail Electricity Provider and plan for your Texas home? Let us help. Our ‘trade secret algorithm’ searches available plans in Texas, compares your home’s Kwh usage, and mathematically selects the lowest fossil plan and lowest green plan. Want to know your savings for free? Grab your electricity bill and we’ll show you. If you like what you save, we’ll switch you to your new provider. We take no commissions or fees from providers. We are independent and unbiased. On average, we save homeowners 25-50%.
Help your employees save on electricity.


Want to give your employees a raise equal to 25-50% of their electricity bill? Here’s how. First, we meet with management to demonstrate our value proposition. Then we meet with your employees over lunch, educate them and roll out the program. It’s that simple. The Employee Electricity Partner Program can be paid for by the company or employee.

Moving in Texas? Save on electricity.


Relocating can be stressful and expensive. Before selecting your new electricity service, let our ‘trade secret algorithm’ find you the lowest fossil plan, and lowest green plan. Simply provide your address and home square footage. We’ll then show you your savings for free. If you like what you see, we’ll set you up with your new service provider. We take no commissions, or fees from providers; we are independent and unbiased. On average, we save homeowners 25-50%.